Ray McDonald Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges, Cut by Bears Pretty Much Immediately

ray mcdonald arrested for domestic violence cut by bears

Chicago Bears chairman George McCaskey had reservations about signing former Niners defensive end Ray McDonald. He was arrested last August on suspicion of domestic violence, but no chargers were filed. Then he was accused of sexual assault in December, a case which is still under investigation, and the 49ers released him.

However, after talking with McDonald face-to-face, and after talking to his parents on the phone, McCaskey was persuaded to give the guy a second (or is it third?) chance.

“We have a 96-year tradition of doing things a certain way, of bringing a certain type of player into our team,” McCaskey said in March. “And those were my concerns going into the conversation with Ray. But I think you look at every situation individually…I was impressed with how sincere he was and how motivated he is. He understands, I think, that he could have well been facing the end of his football career. And he loves football, and he wants that career to continue. So I was impressed with his motivation.”

Unfortunately for the Bears, but even more unfortunately for the mother of McDonald’s infant son, the 30-year-old defensive end was unworthy of that second chance. On Monday morning, he was arrested in Santa Clara, California, on misdemeanor charges of domestic violence and child endangerment after allegedly assaulting his ex-fiancée while she was holding their baby.

The incident occurred around 3:48 a.m. Monday morning. McDonald apparently went out with some friends earlier and then returned to the apartment he rents for his ex and their son and asked her to leave. At that point some sort of altercation occurred—probably after she told him something along the lines of “Go f*** yourself, I’m not leaving my home at three o’clock in the f***ing morning.”

Now, this is America. And in America everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That said, if a guy is arrested three times in a year for violence toward women, that’s not a good thing. So the Bears had no choice but to release him.

Now McDonald’s NFL career is almost certainly over.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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