These Rockets Fans Really Sucked at the Tic-Tac-Toe Halftime Contest (Video)

rockets fans suck at tic-tac-toe

On Saturday night, during halftime of Game 3 between the Rockets and Warriors, the Rockets brought a couple of fans onto the court to take part in a tic-tac-toe halftime contest. The idea was that you go down and make a layup, then you put your X or O on the grid at center court, with the winner getting some sort of prize pack.

Unfortunately, what transpired was the saddest game of tic-tac-toe anybody has ever seen.

It all started out well enough. Guy on the left takes the center square. Guy on the right takes the top right square. Guy on the left takes the top left square. Guy on the right blocks with the bottom right.

Here’s what it looked like after four moves:

What should have happened next? The guy on the left should have put an X on the middle right, blocking the guy on the right.

What did happen next? Idiocy. Pure, unadulterated idiocy. Instead of blocking the guy on the right, the guy on the left put his X in the middle bottom, giving the game to the guy on the right. But then, instead of taking the game, the guy on the right took the middle top.

Then, believe it or not, things actually got worse.

Check it out.

The reaction of the crowd and the two announcers pretty much says it all. But just let me add this: Holy. Effing. Shit.

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