JR Smith Was Quoting Drake and Taking Selfies After Reaching the NBA Finals (Videos)

jr smith quotes drake postgame press conference

JR Smith started the season with the Knicks, who won just 17 games this season. However, on Tuesday night, he found himself sitting next to LeBron James during a postgame press conference after reaching the NBA Finals with the Cavaliers.

The enormity of his reversal of fortunes was not lost on him. JR Smith savored every moment after the Cavs finished off their four-game sweep of the Hawks on Tuesday night, snapping selfies, dancing with a bunch of naked men, and even quoting a little Drake.

Of course, you’re probably most curious about the dancing with naked men thing, so let’s start with that:

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See? Just a naked dude dance party in the hot tub. No big deal.

As for the rest, here’s JR Smith talking about how he’s never worn an NBA Finals hat before:

Here he is quoting Drake:

Here he is snapping a selfie:

And here is that selfie:


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Like I said, JR Smith is not unaware of his extreme reversal of fortunes. Here’s hoping he gives us a few more colorful moments during the NBA Finals.

Couldn’t have said it better [email protected]

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