Kris Bryant Home Run Travels 477 Feet, Bounces Off Wrigley Video Board, Ties Game, Probably Cures Cancer (Video)

kris bryant home run

How epic was the Kris Bryant home run from last night’s Cubs-Nats game? So epic that it actually upstaged fellow Las Vegan Bryce Harper‘s 17th home run of the season. So epic that we’re talking about it instead of Addison Russell‘s walkoff double in the bottom of the ninth. And so epic that they had to add special effects (specifically laser beams) afterward just to prove to everybody where the ball actually landed.

Where did it land, you ask? Oh, just about three-quarters of the way up that giant new video board behind the Wrigley bleachers in left-center field…about 477 feet away from home plate.

Take a look:

Yep, that’s pretty good. However, Bryant might want to work on pulling the ball a little more. The rookie is only getting paid $471K this year. If he breaks that video board it’s going to eat up his paycheck for the next three years.

(J/K, I know the Cubs wouldn’t make Bryant pay for the video board if he broke it. Probably.)

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