After Klay Thompson Headshot, Warriors Could Not Be Happier to Be Done Playing Trevor Ariza (Video)

klay thompson headshot

You can bet the Golden State Warriors are not going to miss the Rockets’ Trevor Ariza. On Monday night he was involved in a play that nearly killed NBA MVP Steph Curry. Then, on Wednesday night, he accidentally kneed star point guard Klay Thompson in the side of the head, forcing him out of the game with an ear laceration.

Both plays were freak accidents, of course. Ariza didn’t mean to hurt anybody. But the Warriors are probably happy to be done facing him anyway, because he’s obviously bad luck.

Wednesdays play came with Golden State up by eight and about nine and a half minutes left in the fourth quarter. Thompson took a pass near the three-point line and faked a shot, causing Ariza to leap into the air and accidentally whack Thompson on the side of the head with his right knee.

From the initial angle it doesn’t look so bad. But when they show the Klay Thompson headshot from other angles in slow-motion, yeah, it’s bad.

After taking him to the locker room and checking him out, it was determined by team doctors that Thompson was fit to return to the game. However, as soon as he got back onto the court he started bleeding from his ear. So they had to take him back in and put a couple of stitches in there.

By the time they were done the Warriors had things wrapped up, so there was no need to put him back in the game.

Good thing, too. Though everything checked out fine at first, after the game—here’s a shocker—Thompson began to experience symptoms of a concussion. Now he’ll have to pass the NBA concussion protocol before he can return to action.

So I guess the Warriors are probably pretty happy the NBA elected not to bump up the start date of the Finals.

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