10 Biggest FIFA Scandals of the Sepp Blatter Era

fifa scandals

Wednesday’s arrest and indictment of nine FIFA official on corruption charges shocked the sports world—but not because everybody thought soccer’s international governing body was so pure and innocent. FIFA scandals involving allegations of bribery and racketeering have been plaguing the beautiful game for decades. What was shocking about Wednesday’s turn of events was that, finally, somebody was actually doing something about it.

Today, for those wondering just how deep this plutocratic rabbit hole of corruption goes, we’re going to take a look at the 10 biggest FIFA scandals to occur under the reign of current president Sepp Blatter.

From the looks of it, some if not most of these scandals are part of the ongoing criminal investigations in the United States and Switzerland. So who know? In the coming weeks and months even more damning evidence may come to light.



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