Tampa Bay’s “Bolts of Steel” Projection Show Is Fantastic (Video)

bolts of steel

For several years now, hockey teams from various pro and semi-pro leagues around North America have been using high tech video projection systems to put on stunning light shows as pre-game or in-game entertainment for fans. And it’s effing awesome.

Honestly, why every single team in the NHL—not to mention every single team in the NBA—isn’t doing this is beyond me. I’d pay money just to watch these, then stay for the game.

Anyway, the Tampa Bay Lightning are one such team that has been putting on light shows during intermissions. And recently, they realized the full potential of this technology by creating a simulation of Nintendo classic Blades of Steel.

They call it “Bolts of Steel.”

Of course, you probably have to be over 30 years old or a fan of vintage sports sims to fully appreciate how awesome that is. But if that’s you, then take a look:

This video seems to be a digital mockup of Bolts of Steel. If you want to see what it actually looked like for people in the arena, head on over to Deadspin. Some dude filmed it at a recent game and sent it to them instead of just putting it on YouTube.

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