The Gronkowskis Are Taping an Episode of Family Feud
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The Gronkowskis Are Taping an Episode of Celebrity Family Feud

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, June 3, 2015

gronkowskis family feud

Look out, Steve Harvey. The Gronkowski Party Bus is coming your way.

On Tuesday, Chris Gronkowski, former journeyman NFLer and older brother of Patriots superstar Rob Gronkowski, went on Boston-based radio show Toucher and Rich and revealed that the four oldest Gronkowski bros and their pops are taping an episode of Celebrity Family Feud this week in Hollywood.

That’s right, Celebrity Family Feud is a thing.

They’re filming episodes right now.

And the Gronkowski’s episode will air Sunday, June 21, at 8pm ET on ABC.

There’s no word yet on what celebrity family the Gronkowskis will take on. Obviously the Mannings would be a pretty amazing choice, as would be the Ryans. But I’m not going to hold my breath for either of those. It’ll probably end up being all the worst Kardashians or something.

That’s okay, though. The Gronkowskis will surely provide all the entertainment we need.

Hat Tip – [Extra Mustard]