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Arena in Australia to Rename Itself After Cavs’ Dellavedova

by: Penn Collins On  Thursday, June 11, 2015


The folks operating a basketball gym in Maryborough, Australia, hometown of Matthew Dellavedova, aren’t wasting any time in capitalizing on his NBA Finals success. The local gym will be renamed “The Dellavedova Dome.”

No word on when this momentous name change is set to occur, but I would imagine it’s sometime before the end of this sentence.

Dellavedova, considered by some outlets (Colin Cowherd, mostly) to be the worst starting player in the history of the NBA Finals, is certainly overachieving while the Cavs break away from the Warriors. He’s stepped up to be perhaps the second most fearsome player on the Cavs, so why doesn’t he deserve to have a small Australian basketball gym named after him?

In addition to this honor, Matthew Dellavedova has also had the best selling jersey in the NBA from the second half of Game 3 until now. It might not be an honor that goes down in history, but I’m sure he’s enjoying it right now.

Hat Tip – [3AW]