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‘Fox and Friends’ Host Hit a Person with a Flying Axe (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, June 23, 2015
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Fox and Friends

I love it when the headline has the reader begging for more info, as this one does.

Yesterday, the regular Fox and Friends crew had the day off, so the JV squad stepped up. Leading that crew was Pete Hegseth. It seems appropriate now to mention that Hegseth was in the military.

But it’s pretty clear that he wasn’t in charge of axe-throwing in whatever branch of the military he was in. I say this because, for some reason, the show required him to throw an axe at a target. He missed badly, sending the axe over the Target, and into the body of a West Point drummer that the show had paid to play as they go in and out of commercial.

It didn’t stick into him or anything, but still a pretty bad day for both guys, right ?

Here’s the video:

Yikes. Fox News, of all places, HATES IT when you throw axes at U.S. soldiers.

Hat Tip – [Mediaite]