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We’ve Got Another AMAZING Frisbee Catch For You (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Wednesday, June 24, 2015

frisbee catch

Yesterday, we posted an awesome catch from a professional ultimate frisbee league. It was a great catch, and kind of fun, because we don’t see a lot of frisbee highlights in traditional sports outlets. Mostly, this time of year, it’s baseball, bleeding into football training.

So we’ll take a good frisbee catch when we can get it. And we’ve got another one today. This one is the work of Jeff SIlverman, who, as I learned yesterday, is a “cutter” which means he is basically a receiver. He plays for the Los Angeles Aviators, and he sure can JUMP.

Here’s Jeff’s catch:

What looked to be a very good catch initially, upon further review is a crazy-awesome catch. I give it six thumbs up.