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Riley Curry Holding Newborn Baby Sister: So Much Cuter Than Regular Toddler Holding Baby (Pic)

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, July 15, 2015

riley curry holding newborn sister steph curry

It’s a fact that Steph Curry‘s daughter, Riley Curry, is the cutest toddler in America. She can do whatever she wants—commandeer the mic at an NBA Playoffs press conference, dance like nobody’s watching—and everyone on the internet is like, “awwwe she’s da kwootest widdle ting I’ve ever seen!”

Of course, Riley Curry has some competition now in the form of a brand new baby sister born this past Friday. And some folks (myself included) have wondered whether her reign as America’s most adorable toddler was coming to an end.

Well, it turns out the answer is no. Somehow, holding a newborn infant only makes two-year-old Riley more adorable.

Check out the first photo of Riley with baby Carson Curry, courtesy of dad’s Instagram, and see for yourself:

Had your fill of cuteness for today? Yeah, me too.

Come on, let’s look at this.