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Riley Curry Watch: NBA’s Most Valuable Daughter Celebrates 3rd Birthday by Giving Us the Gift of a Riley Curry Whip Nae Nae Video

by: Esteban On  Monday, July 20, 2015
Tags:  Nae Nae   NBA   Riley Curry   Steph Curry   The Whip  

riley curry whip nae nae

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly handle one more post about little Riley Curry, the precocious daughter of NBA MVP Stephen Curry, along comes a Riley Curry Whip Nae Nae video that melts your cold, cynical heart.

The cause for celebration? It was Riley’s third birthday.

What the hell is a Riley Curry Whip Nae Nae video? Well you see, grandpa, the Whip Nae Nae is a dance created by the rapper Silentó. It’s not particularly original, since it basically cobbles together every other hip hop dance fad of the last five years, but it’s pretty damn popular on the internets. And now that the NBA’s MVD (most valuable daughter) is doing it, it’s going to be even more popular.

Take a look:

I’d give that about a 5/10 for technical ability and a 15/10 for cuteness for a total combined score of 20/20.

Congratulations, Riley.

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