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Keith Hernandez Got Loopy During the Mets’ 18-Inning Game (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Keith Hernandez

It’s easy to take for granted, but the fact is that baseball announcers are just doing their job like everyone else. So when a game goes into extra innings, like, EIGHTEEN extra innings as the Mets-Cardinals game did on Sunday, you have to understand that Mets announcer Keith Hernandez would be a little miffed for having to put in two day’s work for one measly regular season baseball game.

At least, I hope you would understand. Because towards the end of the game, Hernandez was like a gradeschooler waiting for the bell to ring. He was lamenting his missed flight, how tired he was, and everything else. It was pretty fantastic.

I mean, he could have been one of those crazy old-timers who was talking about how this is what baseball is all about, and how the fans are really getting their money’s worth. But instead, he did this:

It’s easy to forget that Keith Hernandez can’t really get up and walk away. He was there for six hours while the Mets apparently went 1-for-21. That would drive anyone to complain.