The New NBA Alternate Uniforms Have Been Leaked
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The New NBA Alternate Uniforms Have Been Leaked (Pic)

by: Penn Collins On  Thursday, July 23, 2015

nba alternate uniforms

As fans have seen in recent years, the league has made a pretty big meal out of marketing and selling NBA alternate uniforms to its fans. Some have been decent, some have been praised, but most have been viewed as unnecessary and a little ridiculous-looking. Namely, the “familiar” ones that had the players’ first names on them, and any of the uniforms that have sleeves.

So what will the NBA’s 2015-16 slate of new uniforms have to offer? We may have answers to that question after a photo of the NBA’s “2015-16 Season Identity Updates” was leaked on Reddit.

Unfortunately, the sleeves are back in some instances. Aside from that, I’m going to withhold judgment on a slew of images that I can’t really make out (Are those MOUNTAINS on the Dallas jersey?), but I’m sure we’ll get our standard mix of good, bad, and ugly here.

Here’s the picture from IMGUR:

WCz2uBI (1)

Anyway, do with this what you will, but I suggest we all wait for the initial unveiling before we grab out pitchforks and start screaming at the league.