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Tony Romo, Eli Manning Star in Hilarious Direct TV Commercials (Video)

by: JamieD On  Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tony Romo DirectTV Commercial

Is anyone better at making a nerdy NFL quarterback seem funny and cool than DirectTV?  Probably not.

They’ve shown what they can do in the past when they made a huge splash with their Manning Brothers rap videos, and they followed that up with their “Football Cops” trailer, once again staring Peyton and Eli.

As for their latest work, they’ve decided to break up the Manning Bros. partnership, opting to team Eli Manning up with ‘Bad Comedian Eli Manning’ instead.

And Eli’s not the only nerdy quarterback being featured in this year’s slate of DirectTV ‘NFL Sunday Ticket’ commercials.  There’s also Cowboys QB Tony Romo—who’s accompanied by ‘artsy craftsy Tony Romo.’

You can check out both commercials in the video below:

Great stuff, DirectTV.  Keep ‘em coming.