Dolphins Will Go Back to Their Old Logo With Throwback Unis
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Dolphins Will Go Back to Their Old Logo With Throwback Unis (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Thursday, July 30, 2015
Tags:  Dolphins   Jets   NFL   Throwback   Uniforms  


If you’re not in love with the Dolphins’ new logo, which was introduced in 2013, you’re probably not alone. Otherwise, why would the team already be introducing (and promoting with a video) the throwbacks that they’ll be wearing against the New York Giants on December 14th?

These throwback uniforms go back to the classic look that they seemed to wear forever until recently. And, because this is 2015, there’s a hype video. For uniforms. Welcome to the new NFL, folks.

It’s not known whether or not this is some sort of test case to see if they should revert back from the unpopular unis they currently wear, but it’s reasonable to assume that the powers that be will be paying attention to see what the reaction is. Going back this quickly would be tantamount to admitting a mistake, but if it makes more money, and the fans are happier, why wouldn’t you?