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Ref Pulls Out Stun Gun During Soccer Melee, Gets KO’d (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, August 7, 2015
Tags:  Brawl   Russian Soccer   Stun Gun  

stun gun

God bless Russian soccer videos. This one comes to us from the Pskov region after a controversial call led to violence.

Let’s go through it and get the details out of the way: Two teams were tied late in the match (Porkhov and Gdov) when the ref awarded Prokhov a free kick that they converted. Gdov players weren’t happy about the call, and the ref apparently canceled the goal.

This upset Prokhov, all hell broke loose, and the referee brandished a stun gun to protect himself.

Awesome, right?

Not for the ref. He got pummeled and knocked out after pulling out the weapon and was treated for dizziness and nausea after the incident.

Gdov claimed the the ref, a Prokhov local, was biased. Which I guess explains their frustration, but not so much the part where two of their players kick him in the head.

Here’s a look at the entire melee:

Hat Tip – [Toronto Sun]