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Padres Ballgirl Makes a Spectacular Line Drive Snag (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, August 10, 2015
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Padres ballgirl

Most of the time, the ballboys and ballgirls at baseball and tennis matches get publicity for their screw-ups, rather than their successes. However, every so often, they’re able to get a little credit for a job well done. Thankfully, this is one such instance.

At Petco Park, Matt Kemp ripped a line drive foul down the third base line, and it was actually heading for the first row of the stands before a nameless Padres ballgirl made a jumping catch to snag the hard-hit ball out of the air, and likely save someone from a concussion. Or at least a spilled beer.

Here’e the clip:

Hopefully, she’s playing some type of organized softball or baseball, because her talents need to be shared with the world. I hope she got a game ball for this one!