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Costa Rica Soccer Coach Fights Security Guard after Game (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Wednesday, August 12, 2015

costa rica soccer coach

At a U-23 soccer event in Panama City, the Costa Rican national team squared off against the Panamanian team. Following the game’s 0-0 tie, the Costa Rica soccer coach then squared off against a security guard out of frustration. He was miffed about some bad calls and was approaching the field to tell the refs what’s what when the guard stopped him.

In the video, Paulo Wanchope (white shirt) tries to get onto the field, but is stopped by a shorter man that turned out to be a security guard. It’s not much of a fight in terms of damage done, but they definitely go at it.

Take a look:

That security guard earned his money yesterday. The large coach never seemed to have a chance at getting past him before the backup arrived.

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