A Bullfighter Got Gored (For the 8th Time!) in the Neck
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A Bullfighter Got Gored (For the 8th Time!) in the Neck (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, August 17, 2015
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A bullfighter who might not be at the top of his class in that line of work got gored right in the neck by a bull.

It’s terrible, and I suppose we wish him a speedy recovery, as much as we wish anyone who kills animals for sport and entertainment a speedy recovery. However, I’m thinking this guy should find a new line of work because a) bullfighting is terrible, and b) it’s the eighth time he’s been gored.

Here’s a not-quite graphic video and image that shows what went down:

Yup. That’s pretty awful. Maybe a shoe salesman or real estate agent is a better line of work for this dude.

The guy’s name is Jiminez Fortes, if you’re looking to address a get well soon card to him.

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