NBA Impersonator Brandon Armstrong Is Now Doing Refs!
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NBA Impersonator Brandon Armstrong Is Now Doing Refs! (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Brandon Armstrong

Brandon Armstrong has made quite a name for himself through social media and YouTube by impersonating (ok, maybe mocking) NBA players with distinct styles and moves, but before that well has gone dry, Armstrong has shifted his attention to refs.

First up, naturally, is Joey Crawford, who is the best-known ref in the league, for good and bad reasons.

Is this a close approximation? I don’t know, kinda. Is it funny? I don’t know, kinda. The big takeaway here is that Brandon Armstrong is kind of a spazz, which I suppose is pretty funny all by itself.

Check out the clip:

He sounds like a character from a French cartoon or something. I’m sure this is pissing off Joey Crawford to no end, which is DEFINITELY funny.