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Jason Pierre-Paul Blames Twitter Typo on His Missing Finger (Tweets)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, August 24, 2015
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Jason Pierre-Paul

Jason Pierre-Paul has had a pretty rough offseason, what with blowing his hand apart on the 4th of July and all. Everyone immediately assumed that the accident would have ramifications on his football game, but now it’s looking like it’s also crept in to his Twitter capabilities.

Accidentally putting “accepted” instead of “except,” likely isn’t a typo in the strictest sense, since he confused one word for the other, but we’ll let that slide for now since the dude is at least one finger shy of the norm.

Take a look at the mistake and his explanation:

I love this. “My bad except lost a finger” is such a weird way to explain and fix a grammatical error. I’m beginning to think after that second Tweet that the finger might not be to blame, and maybe JPP is just not the best with words.

But he lost a finger, so that should buy him six months of free grammar passes.