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Browns’ Josh McCown Gets Leveled by Kwan Alexander (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, August 31, 2015
Tags:  Browns   Bucs   Josh McCown   Kwan Alexander  

Josh McCown

It sounds like there is still a bit of a controversy in Cleveland as to who the starting QB is, and Saturday’s preseason contest didn’t seem to make the Browns’ decision any easier.

Front-runner Josh McCown may have suffered a minor setback with at least a bruised ego after taking this punishing hit from the Bucs’ Kwan Alexander.

Alexander doesn’t quite get both feet off the ground to make the hit, but man, that’s a stinger.

Take a look:

That’s a pretty brutal hit for preseason, but it’s likely unreasonable to ask defensive players to scale back, considering these games are used to prep for the regular season. You have to develop that killer instinct, and this time it came at the expense of Josh McCown.