Female MMA Fighter Humiliates Guy Who Tried to Mug Her
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Brazilian Female MMA Fighter Absolutely Humiliates Guy Who Tried to Mug Her (Video)

by: Esteban On  Thursday, September 3, 2015
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A female MMA fighter from Brazil named Monique Bastos recently taught a would-be mugger a very important lesson.

That lesson? Don’t try to mug a female MMA fighter.

Bastos was on her way to the gym in the town of Acailandia when two men rode up next to her on a motorcycle and tried to rob her. And while one of those men was able to make off with Bastos’ phone, karma was far less kind to the other one. Bastos was able to grab that guy and put him in a triangle choke for a good 15 minutes before police arrived.

If you’re wondering why that guy looks and sounds so frantic, it’s probably because, in Brazil, it’s not uncommon for people to kill would-be thieves. So the dude was probably very concerned that he was going to die.

Here’s a rough translation of what he was saying, courtesy of some reddit users:

brazilian female mma fighter beats mugger translation
According to Sherdog, Bastos is 0-3 as a professional MMA fighter. However, as a street fighter she is now 1-0.

Hat Tip – [reddit via Uproxx]