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The Patriots Pregame Party Included T-Pain and an Orchestra (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, September 11, 2015
Tags:  Party   Patriots   Robert Kraft   T-pain  

patriots pregame party

Even by opening game standards, last night’s week 1 showdown against the Steelers was a big one for New England. As such, the Patriots pregame party seemed to be more about closing the book on events than about kicking off the new season. And they were excited to do so, so they threw one hell of a party.

For instance, Robert Kraft came out to an “All I Do Is Win” verse performed live by T-Pain. That’s pretty weird. Remarkably, after watching this video, you might not think that was the weirdest thing that happened.

Take a look:

If it wasn’t for Deflategate and all that madness, this party likely would have consisted of a Billy Ocean song on repeat with a box of mini-muffins. But as it stood, I’m surprised anyone had any energy left for the game