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Iowa Coed Videobombs Reporter with Some Hilarious Exercise Moves (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, September 18, 2015
Tags:  Broadcast   Exercise   Iowa   Iowa State   Photobomb  


Last weekend, Iowa and Iowa State squared off in a big rivalry game, so of course, the fans were out in full force. It may surprise you to learn that Iowa was recently declared the #2 party school in the country by Bro Bible, so there’s no doubt that they like to have a little fun.

Take for instance this girl, who just happened to be walking by a live news segment on the game. After doing the obligatory wave to the camera, she appears to be on her way from the videobomb, only to reveal that, nope. She’s still staying in frame, and doing some sick exercise moves. I don’t even know what the names are, but they look like something out of a mid-80s Jazzercise video. The news anchor on the other end sees, and can’t help but crack up.

Here’s the clip:

Her push-up form kinda sucks, but we’ll take into consideration that she’s doing them on asphalt. That can’t be easy on the palms.