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Patrick Kane Appreciates Your Questions (Video)

by: JamieD On  Friday, September 18, 2015

Patrick Kane Appreciates Your Question

On Thursday, Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane stepped in front of a microphone to speak about the recent rape allegations that have transformed his offseason from a Stanley Cup celebration to a legal mess filled with plenty of media and public scrutiny.

So?  Did Patrick Kane do anything wrong?  Does feel like he’s embarrassed his organization?  Has he considered staying home and not being a distraction during training camp?  Will he quit drinking?  These are all questions that the media were seeking answers for, but the only new thing we learned is that Patrick Kane appreciates all of your questions.

Here’s a look at how most of the press conference went:

At one moment, Kane did say that he was remaining “confident in myself and in the legal process”—after mentioning the fact that he appreciates the question, of course:

Thanks, Patrick.  We appreciate your answers.