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Another Week, More Bills Fans Doing Freaky Sh*t In Public

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Monday, September 21, 2015
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Buffalo Bills fans are at it again. Last year, there was a photo of a Bills fan with his hand down the crack of his GF’s butt. I would hope that was his GF and/or wife, or maybe Buffalo females are just that easy. About 2 weeks ago, a bills fan wrote a ‘Missed connection’ letter about giving a random man a handjob that she was sitting next to you but never looked up and saw his face or got his name. Last week, a man got his butt massaged at a bills game with no shame, caught on camera.

This time around, another bills fan with his hand down his GF’s pants is making the rounds around the internet. Take a look:


If that wasn’t bad enough, here’s a vid of Bills fan that appears to be throwing up and another bills fan on the side getting it on with his possibly drunk GF: