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Stephen A. Smith Tony Romo Tweets: ESPN Personality Is All Smile Emojis After Cowboys QB Goes Down (Tweets)

by: Esteban On  Monday, September 21, 2015

stephen a. smtih celebrates tony romo injury on twitter

Compared to all the horrible, controversial things ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith has said over the years, the stuff he posted on Twitter after Tony Romo went down with an injury on Sunday weren’t that bad. And it’s certainly not going to cost him his job. I mean, if ESPN didn’t fire the guy after he went on national television and blamed Janay Rice for getting herself beat up, they’re not going to fire him for anything.

That said, the Stephen A. Smith Tony Romo tweets were still pretty tasteless. Romo suffered a broken clavicle during the Dallas Cowboys’ 20-10 win over Chip Kelly‘s bumbling Philadelphia Eagles, and will now miss the next 8-10 weeks. So obviously, Smith got on Twitter to troll his First Take co-host Skip Bayless by celebrating the injury.

Check it out:

stephen a. smith tony romo tweet 1
stephen a. smith tony romo tweet 5
stephen a. smith tony romo tweet 2
stephen a. smith tony romo tweet 3
Really, Stephen? You’re not happy Romo got hurt? Because it sure SEEMS like you’re happy Romo got hurt.

But hey, don’t take it personally, Cowboys fans. Romo’s injury wasn’t the only one that delighted Stephen A. Smith on Sunday…

stephen a. smith tony romo tweet 4
Stay classy, Stephen A. Smith.

Hat Tip – [BSO]