Prince Harry Yells 'Laces Out, Dan' While Playing Catch With Dan Marino
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Prince Harry Yells ‘Laces Out, Dan’ While Playing Catch With Dan Marino (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Thursday, October 1, 2015

Prince Harry

I don’t know why this story makes me so happy, but it does. It’s probably a number of things working together for the sake of random comedy. Let’s address.

Prince Harry was playing catch with former NFL star Dan Marino when he couldn’t help but drop the Ace Ventura line, “Laces out, Dan!” midway through the affair.

Now, why were they playing catch? Prince Harry doesn’t have football where he lives, but Dan Marino joined the Prince as they both participated in the Wounded’s Walk of Britain charity event. Prince Harry called Dan Marino a “good guy,” which I hope is the truth and not just some throwaway comment he made.

Anyway, the Ace Ventura quote we all came here for:

He really belted that out!