The Canucks’ Jake Virtanen Scored with His Face. Ouch (Video)

Jake Virtanen

Yup. Hockey season is back. And with it comes our parade of goals of the year. I know we’re about five seconds into the preseason, and there have been like four games, but I’m still happy to declare this play by Jake Virtanen the GOAL OF THE YEAR.

Why? Because it involved the Canucks’ Jake Virtanen getting hit in the face with the puck, then the puck going into the goal. Skillful? Not really. The shot was going wide¬†and Jake Virtanen just happened to be Johnny on the spot. But any time you get to see a goal AND a guy get clocked in the face by a vulcanized rubber puck, you have to nominate.

Feel better, Jake. No apples, gum, or celery for at least seven days:

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