Girl Admits on ‘Kimmel’ That She Cheated on BF with NHL’s Tyler Johnson (Video)

Tyler Johnson

Wow. This is a really terrible thing that happened on Jimmy Kimmel Live. I guess when you interview people off the street on Hollywood Blvd., you’re bound to get a couple wackjobs, but this girls is a straight up sociopath. When the show asked strangers “What’s the most impressive thing you’ve ever done?” you expect to get something about climbing a really tall tree, or working your way up from the mailroom.

Nope. This girl admits that she cheated on her boyfriend with Tyler Johnson of the Tampa Bay Lightning.


NOT AWESOME. Maybe she didn’t have to call Johnson out either. Maybe she could have said something that wasn’t awful.

Good thing she’s not still dating that boyfriend. But her current BF probably saw this and will hopefully re-evaluate his choice.

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