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Greg Hardy, Convicted Abuser, Hopes Gisele’s Sister Comes To the Cowboys-Pats Game (Tweet)

by: Penn Collins On  Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Tags:  Cowboys   Giselse   Greg Hardy   Pats  

greg hardy

Here’s a fun one! Greg Hardy, who had served a suspension last year for domestic abuse, sounds like he’s pretty keen on both Gisele Bundchen and possibly her sister (?) coming to the Pats-Cowboys game this weekend. Why? I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. Even if it’s so he can shake her hand and tell her he’s a fan, it’s still way creepy.

There are people on Twitter saying that this tweet leaves out a part where he says that Tom Brady is a cool guy. Whatever. Greg Hardy could be overheard saying he gave $10 million to charity, and I’d still think it was creepy.

In light of this, I’m not going to post a pic of Gisele OR her sister, but I assure you that there are plenty available on Google. Instead, you get to look at Greg Hardy’s mugshot. You’re welcome.