Johnny Manziel's Family's House Burns Down, Arson Suspected
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House Of Johnny Manziel’s Family Burns Down, Arson Suspected

by: Penn Collins On  Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Tags:  Arson   Fire   Johnny Manziel   Lake House  


Something strange happened in Texas yesterday. A house owned by Johnny Manziel‘s father, Paul Manziel, caught fire and burned to the ground. The blaze occurred last night, and was just discovered. The authorities find the fire suspicious and arson is suspected.

The house is not the family’s primary residence.  Rather, it’s just a lake house in Whitehouse, Texas. No one was staying at the house at the time of the fire.

If it was in fact arson, it’s speculative to think that it was somehow tied to Johnny Manziel being who he is, but, of course, he’s a very public figure, so that’s likely the first thought that crosses through people’s minds.

Nothing else is known at the time, but I’m sure there will be developments.