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NFL Says DeAngelo Williams Cannot Wear Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Gear Year Round

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, October 13, 2015


NFL running back DeAngelo Williams lost his mother to breast cancer in 2010, and ever since then pink has been Williams’ trademark color. Last season he even dyed some of his dreds pink to honor his late mother and raise awareness for breast cancer screening and research.

Of course, as you are no doubt aware, every October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the NFL, which means every team wears hot pink gear to show their support for the battle against the terrible disease. However, this year, DeAngelo Williams asked the NFL if he could continue to wear the pink gear all season long as a tribute to his mother.

The correct answer to that question would have been, “Yes, DeAngelo Williams, you may wear pink gloves and wrist bands and shoes all season long as a tribute to your mother! In fact, you know what? We’ll officially designate you our ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Ambassador,’ or something like that, and we’ll also ask for volunteers from every team to wear pink all year round. This will show the world that we really do care about wives and mothers and women in general! What a great idea!”

But this is the NFL we’re talking about. So obviously they said no.

ESPN’s Lisa Salters did a report on Williams and his passion for pink during last night’s MNF broadcast. And it was during that report that she broke the news about the NFL denying the running back’s request:

Obviously, the NFL can’t have players making all sorts of modifications to their uniforms because it’s not good for the brand. However, they could have made an exception in this case and turned it into a PR coup.

Instead they come off looking like stodgy a-holes…again.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]