Flyers Fans Chant “She Said No” at Patrick Kane (Video)

flyers fans chant she said no at patrick kane

Last night, a relatively small percentage of the 50,000 Blue Jays Fans attending Game 5 of the ALDS littered the field with cups, cans, and bottles after a controversial call in the top of the seventh inning. So today a lot of people are ready to crown Toronto fans the worst in sports.

However, as this video from last night’s Flyers-Blackhawks game demonstrates, Toronto fans still have nothing on Philadelphia fans.

What you see in the video below is a Blackhawks powerplay. What you hear is every Flyers fan in the building chanting “SHE SAID NO” at Chicago’s Patrick Kane.

Have a look:

Obviously, the chant is in reference to the ongoing Patrick Kane rape investigation, which began back in August after a Buffalo woman accused the three-time Stanley Cup champion of sexually assaulting her.

The problem with chanting “SHE SAID NO” at a hockey game? Well, if I have to explain it, you probably won’t understand. But I’ll try anyway. You see, whether or not Patrick Kane is guilty, a rape investigation is a very serious matter. Out or respect for everyone involved, it should not be turned into a taunt for something as trivial as a hockey game.

I suppose some might say that this was actually some sort of legitimate protest against Kane, but I really don’t think that’s the case.

Stay classy, Flyers fans.

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