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There’s a Tattoo Of The Jose Bautista Bat-Toss, and Joey Bats Approves (Pic)

by: JamieD On  Friday, October 16, 2015

Jose Bautista bat-toss tattoo

I can’t seem to get enough of that Jose Bautista bat-toss.

I don’t care what Sam Dyson, the Texas Rangers, and every baseball purist out there thinks. After everything that had gone on in the Rogers Centre during that wacky seventh inning on Thursday, not to mention all of the pain and suffering Toronto sports fans have had to endure for decades (a 22-year MLB postseason drought, zero Stanley Cups since NHL expansion in 1967, and zero NBA championships…ever), an entire city was ready to explode in either rebellion or exaltation. For a moment, it appeared as though it would be rebellion, but Joey Bats’ homer in the bottom of the seventh with two runners on and two outs ensured that it was exaltation.

It was an epic moment for a championship-deprived city.  It deserved to be celebrated in epic fashion.  And it doesn’t get much more epic than waiting for your ball to reach the second deck in left field before tossing your bat into another universe.

It was quite the moment, and to at least one dude, it was so awesome that he decided to immortalize it on his body with a Joey Bats bat-toss tattoo.  It’s impressive.  Even Bautista himself thinks so: