Infamous Colts Trick Play Gets the Tecmo Bowl Treatment, and It’s Fantastic (Video)

infamous colts trick play tecmo bowl

You knew it was coming. Every great football play gets the Tecmo Bowl treatment. And the Colts trick play was great.

I mean, from a football point of view the play was terrible. But it was also incredibly entertaining, and it has provided the internet with a whole week’s worth of joke material. So, as a non-Colts fan, I’m so glad it happened.

As for the Colts trick play Tecmo Bowl treatment, it’s actually better than most. I especially like the play selection menu. The play is listed as “WTF Fake Punt,” then the computer says confirm whether you’re serious.

Take a look:


I actually take back the part about this play giving us a week’s worth of jokes. This is going down as one of the worst plays of all time. I don’t know if we’ll ever stop making fun of it.

After all, the internet does have a way of recycling old material and making it funny again.

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