Tiger Woods Is Now (Officially?) Dating Amanda Dufner

Amanda Dufner

I don’t know how a couple “officially” starts dating, but it sounds like Tiger Woods and Amanda Dufner‘s relationship has gone from one of innuendo and scandal to a full-on boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

The word from the rumor mill (nothing is substantiated) is that Tiger and Amanda were seeing each other when they were both still with their exes—Tiger was with Lindsey Vonn and Amanda Dufner was with her husband Jason Dufner, another golfer on the tour.

Vonn and Woods have since broken up amid whispers of infidelity on his part (it certainly wouldn’t be the first time) and Dufner just recently filed for divorce from her husband since 2012. The rumor is that Tiger had a relapse in his sex addiction and admitted to Vonn that he cheated on her.

The new relationship is being christened by Hollywood Life, and though there isn’t any hard evidence these two have gone public, the website has “sources.” Considering this story consists of two people dating, and not, say, Iran’s nuclear capabilities, we’re inclined to believe the sources without TOO much corroboration.


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