Here's a Nice Clip of Marshawn Lynch Vomiting!
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Here’s a Nice Clip of Marshawn Lynch Vomiting! (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, October 23, 2015
Tags:  Marshawn Lynch   Vomit  


If the prospect of two fallen-from-grace teams squaring off on a Thursday made you induce vomiting last night, you weren’t alone. Marshwan Lynch offered up a technicolor yawn to all of those watching, and it was about as much fun to watch as the game itself.

Here’s the fun clip:

Apparently it happens all the time in the locker room, according to the sideline reporter. It’s not totally uncommon for a player to do this with some frequency, but normally they don’t do it in what appears to be a uniform hamper. Yuck. I hope he wiped down that faceguard.

And Microsoft Surface has to be thankful that they got included in the frame for this shot. I’m going to drop $2,000 on tablet/laptop hybrid so I never forget this moment!

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