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Frank Caliendo Tackles the Ditka-Fart Issue, Finally (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, October 26, 2015
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Master impersonator Frank Caliendo has made quite the career out of mocking the NFL’s highest profile celebrities. This time around, he took to investigating the fart sound that seemed to come from Mike Ditka during last week’s broadcast.

And to make it even more awkward, Ditka was, of course, a studio host during the segment.  So not only do we get Caliendo overacting while doing a Ditka impression that’s pretty far off by Caliendo’s standards, but we also get Ditka’s response.

Here’s the clip. Iron Mike is a national treasure:

Boom. Maybe now we can begin to heal as a nation. Provided Ditka doesn’t rip more ass on-air and reset the clock all over again. Caliendo would LOVE that.