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The Ohio State Marching Band Showed Off For The Brits At The Bills-Jags Game In London (Video)

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, October 27, 2015

ohio state marching band london nfl bills-jags

The NFL knew this past weekend’s Bills-Jags London game was probably going to be pretty lame. That’s why they planned ahead and brought along some very special halftime entertainment: the Ohio State Marching Band.

Let me explain why that’s awesome for those of you who are new to the internet. You see, the Ohio State Marching Band doesn’t just march around playing lame fight songs. They perform classic pop songs while creating incredible animated formations, like a dude surfing, or Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk, or a tornado…uh…tornadoing.

So sending the Ohio State Marching band to London for an NFL game? That was a great idea. And, not surprisingly, they sucked up real good to the locals with a tribute to the British Invasion and London’s most recognizable landmarks.

Take a look:

Honestly, next time the NFL should just leave the Jaguars at home. Just bring one team, have them scrimmage, and then have the Ohio State marching band perform.

Wait, what? The Jaguars are playing in London every year through 2019? Jesus. I thought the NFL wanted Brits to like football.