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Kirk Cousins Is Selling “You Like That!” T-Shirts For Charity

by: Penn Collins On  Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kirk Cousins You Like That Shirt

Kirk Cousins hasn’t had a lot to celebrate this season, so it’s easy to see why he got so fired up after a comeback win over the terrible Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was screaming “You like that!” in the tunnel after the game, and naturally, the internet did its thing and beat the phrase into the ground.

Kirk Cousins, not one to let go of the limelight THAT easily, has emblazoned the phrase on t-shirts that, to his credit, he’s selling for charity.

So step right up and buy one for the next Redskins game. Any later than that, and it will probably just be old and annoying for everyone involved. So…hurry.