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If You’re A Mets Fan, These Mets Memes Are Probably Not Going To Make You Feel Any Better (Pics)

by: Esteban On  Monday, November 2, 2015

mets memes

The Kansas City Royals may have won the World Series on Sunday night. But they couldn’t have done it without a little help from the New York Mets.

That’s not to say the Mets totally blew it. They went in to the game trailing 3-1 in the series, so there wasn’t a whole lot of hope to begin with. However, Mets ace Matt Harvey did pitch eight brilliant innings of shutout ball, and the Amazin’s took a 2-0 lead into the top of the ninth. So the Mets really should have won the game and sent the Series back to Kansas City.

They didn’t, though. Mets manager Terry Collins sent Matt Harvey back out to face the heart of the Royals order in the top of the ninth, and four batters later the game was tied. It was just so…Metsy.

Of course, as you know, the internet has no chill. So it was pumping out the sad Mets memes before this one was even over.

If you’re a Mets fan, you might not want to look:

Oh, and there’s one more…

mets memes mets world series shirts
Better luck next year, Mets.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]