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Lions WR Golden Tate’s Fiancee Golfs, Surfs, Is Hot (Pics)

by: Penn Collins On  Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Tags:  Elise Pollard   Golden Tate   Lions  

Detroit Lions WR Golden Tate recently proposed to his GF, Elise Pollard, while in San Diego, which is Pollard’s home town.

The Blonde is an avid surfer (as is required of all San Diego residents) and golfer (ditto). Golden Tate’s fiancee has also got quite the Instagram presence that shows her surfing, golfing, and hanging out at day clubs and near pools. All in all, a model San Diego resident.

It’s been a tough year for Tate and his Detroit Lions on the field this season, but off the field I’d say he’s doing pretty well for himself. Here are a few selections of Tate and Pollard from her Instagram account: