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Floyd Mayeather: Ronda Rousey Being on the Cover of The Ring Magazine Makes Boxing Look Bad (Pic)

by: Esteban On  Thursday, November 12, 2015

floyd mayweather thought on ronda rousey being on the cover of the ring magazine

Last month Ronda Rousey appeared on the cover of Men’s Fitness, and a lot of people were mad because she’s not a man. Now Rousey is on the cover of The Ring magazine, and a lot of people are mad because she’s not a boxer.

In both instances you can make strong cases for and against Rousey being on the cover. But ultimately there is no right or wrong answer. It’s a matter of taste, not fact. Saying Rousey should or should not be on the cover of Men’s Fitness or The Ring is like saying pepperoni should or should not be on pizza.

Don’t tell that to Floyd Mayweather, though. He has a very strong opinion about Rousey making the cover of The Ring. And it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

“Well, you know, congratulations, but you know the sport is starting to look bad when a female fighter from a whole other sport is on the cover of a boxing book,” Mayweather started, predictably unaware of the difference between magazines and books. Then he turned his attention to ripping Oscar De La Hoya a new one:

“You gotta realize this, we all know Oscar De La Hoya owns the Ring Magazine. That shows you he has no fighters but Canelo. Basically, it’s like he’s trying to steal her from Dana White. Richard Shaefer, he built Golden Boy from the ground up, helped them make tons and tons of money, and what did this guy do? This is real talk, how can Canelo or any fighter hold their head up high and say, ‘You know what? I’m proud for Oscar, a guy that dressed in drag and been on coke.’ I mean, the world knows this. How can you hold your head up high and say, ‘You know what? I’m proud for this person to be my promoter?’ A guy that’s going to promote me as a fighter, I want them to care about my well-being when it’s all said and done. The promoter should be able to make money, but when it’s all said and done, the talent should win, and not just having their hand raised after the fight. Financially, the fighter should win.”

Okay, so Floyd likes to ramble. But here’s what I think he’s saying. The fact that Golden Boy has to put Rousey on the cover of The Ring shows they are desperate for money, which, according to Floyd Mayweather’s morality of prosperity, makes Oscar De La Hoya an inferior human being.

Thanks for explaining it to us, Floyd!

Hat Tip – [Fight Hype]

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