Jay-Z and Derek Jeter Catch Up at Last Night's Clippers Game
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Jay-Z and Derek Jeter Catch Up at Last Night’s Warriors-Clippers Game (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, November 20, 2015
Tags:  Clippers   Derek Jeter   Golden State   Jay-Z  

Jay-Z and Derek Jeter

In case the prospect of the hottest team in basketball taking on the LA Clippers wasn’t exciting enough for you, there was some extra starpower last night at the Staples Center. Jay-Z and Derek Jeter appeared to be at the game separately, but ran into each other to say hi and presumably talk about how great it is to be awesome and live in New York. Or maybe they discussed who can make a Yankee hat more famous.

Either way, check it out:

Whatever Jay-Z and Derek Jeter talked about, I’m sure it was awesome, but still not as awesome as the game between the two teams, which Golden State won to go 13-0. The Clippers, who were expected to be heavy hitters in the west, fell to 6-5, leaving fans wondering if there’s a shakeup coming soon.