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Shannon Sharpe Tells Patriots Fans He Nailed Their Moms on Twitter (Tweets)

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, December 1, 2015

shannon sharpe trolls patriots fans with mom jokes

Broncos Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe no longer holds anything back on Twitter. When the dude was an NFL analyst for CBS, he had stay above the social media fray so as to maintain the appearance of objectivity. But now that he’s off the air, it’s anything goes, no holds barred.

After the Broncos beat the Patriots on Sunday night? Yeah, Shannon was all over it, trolling the bejeezus out of Patriots fans.

Hell, he even put a #trolling hashtag on some of his tweets:

And when Patriots fans actually took the bait and started chirping back?

Yep, Sharpe basically told them all that he f*cked their moms.

Personally, I hope he never works on TV again. Unbridled Shannon Sharpe is awesome.

Hat Tip – [BSO, NESN]