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Kicker Committed to Alabama Hits a 77-Yard Fied-Goal (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Wednesday, December 2, 2015
Tags:  Alabama   Eddy Pineiro   Kicker  


I’m not sure if kickers are getting better, or if we are just privy to more videos of their HUGE kicks in practice than we were before, making us think we’re seeing better kickers. Probably both. Whatever the reason, it’s hard to be anything but amazed at this field goal attempt (in practice, mind you) by Eddy Pineiro, an Alabama kicker commit.

He’s 20 years old, and from Florida.  His previous longest kick was 73 yards.

I suppose you’ll want to see him hit the 77-yarder. Ok. Here ya go:

And here’s the 73-yarder, even though that’s a little obsolete:

That first Twitter caption leaves a little something to be desired, but they recruited him to kick, not to manage social media. I hope.